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Is there an alternative to money?

I read many entries on this site that tell me about the evils of money and how rampant capitalism is destroying the world. SO! I'm a highschool science teacher. I teach on average100 students per day for 1 or 2 hours each. How can I be compensated for my service in a way that doesn't involve some sort of promissory note?


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  • Feb 28 2013: Let's see.
    We have factories, companies, institutions, schools, distribution points and centers, transport methods, etc..
    We are automating more and more things. Even some delicate, complex medical operations are done by automation, i.e. robots basically, and with the use of computers.
    We will continue to automate more and more. Technology, an extension of we humans will always be changing, growing and being created anew, by who? Humans.
    We as a species, will also continue along our way because we wish to learn, teach, build, design, paint, draw, conceive, play sports, and on and on.
    We will not lose motivation because of no money. In fact, our motivation to do, i.e, help solve our problems, would help us because now we could solve them. Without money, we will still have them and our dreams, desires, wants and needs, so we will still do in order to take care of them, solve them, realize them or make them a reality.
    In other words, money will no longer be a barrier stopping us from solving, resolving, growing, enjoying and with more leisure and less stress, and everyone is involved.
    Things don't........"get done"..........because of money.
    Things............"don't get done"......because of money.
    So, what if our needs are free? Everyone's needs? What we all need to be safe, secure, housed, clothed, dressed, transported, fed, educated? All of those can be automated and soon will be. They are what we work for, but the real problems are not being solved because of money. If our needs are met by a very largely automated system, that isn't boring to the machine but is boring , dumbing-down and dangerous to the human, all jobs are equal, performed for a very short time (I don't know, with so many of us maybe 2-3 hours a month?)
    So, what if we kept all these things going all while automating more so that we would have a minimum of time spent actually working and more people could be trained to do the kinds of work we need?.
    Nothing costs money. Everything costs people
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      Mar 1 2013: When all is automated doesn't the power lie in those that know how to fix the automatons?

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