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Are we truly alone in the Universe?

Given the decades that SETI has been in progress, why have we not found a single shred of evidence that proves that there are some form of intelligent civilization existing on other planets? We have advanced so much in just over 200 years since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of stars and habitable planets surround us. Why are our calls out to the Universe returned with chilling silence?


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    Mar 2 2013: ...
    a few points:
    -our signals have only gone a very short distance in our own galaxy.
    -More advanced civilizations probably do not use radio waves.
    -Intelligent aliens are unlikely to share our level of intelligence or be anywhere near level of technology and may have no real interest in talking to us.

    on the issue of life elsewhere, there are technologies under development which will enable us to take spectroscopic readings of the atmospheres of nearby planets and from that infer the existence of life.
    • Mar 6 2013: a few more points...

      -The Drake Formula was set up to measure ONLY civilizations capable of interstellar travel. so the inferred numbers include a likelihood they will recognize intelligent communications as such, no matter what part of the energy spectrum we choose to send them in... we might not get their message, but they should be able to get ours...

      -As we have been beaming at SETI since 1960, we have at least canvassed the immediate neighborhood. If the numbers do hold up in the Drake Equations even a little, somebody HAS heard us already...

      -Carl Sagan's book Contact made one point abundantly clear; communication will begin with mathematics, so the matter of a joint language or means of communication is moot; as for actual WANTING to talk to us, THAT is conjecture fraught with ifs, buts and ors.

      -The technology to determine planetary atmospheres in far-distant planets is not future tech, but in process and already yielding results; seems a few Earthlike proxies have already been spotted... so it is NOT the case that the Big Blue Marble is a lone aberration of cosmic chance. That ALONE should be reason to suspect we are not alone. But still no answer... I suspect as soon as we as a species start to make some sense in how we live together (a trait only occasionally manifested by Homo Sapiens, and not reliably), the lights will pop on, some(thing)one will yell suprise and a well meaning, truly civilized race will take us under their wing for the indoctrination lecture. But boy are we a long way from there...

      We could be the petri-dish experiment of some far advanced race, to be scraped off and discarded if we don't turn out. I like Perry Ferrell's take on alien abduction; check out his song "We Make Great Pets."... the abduction thing is either a bizarre psychological disorder affecting people all over the planet in incredibly similar ways despite widely disparate backgrounds, or somebody is snagging humans for joy rides. Either or, it needs looking at...

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