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Are we truly alone in the Universe?

Given the decades that SETI has been in progress, why have we not found a single shred of evidence that proves that there are some form of intelligent civilization existing on other planets? We have advanced so much in just over 200 years since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of stars and habitable planets surround us. Why are our calls out to the Universe returned with chilling silence?


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    Feb 28 2013: SETI cannot provide evidence (most likely) for 3 reasons..
    1. You have to presume that the life in question is close.
    2. You have to presume that the life is developed enough to even have our level of technology.
    3. You have to presume that the life has our form of technology AND that its sending it out.

    Ofcourse there aren't just 3 issues, theres hundreds
    (maybe they saw us and decided not to involve themselves, maybe they already lived and died, maybe they've made themselves microscopic to conserve resources, maybe they're just cows, maybe they're so far away that when they look at us (from 100,000 light years away) they just see trees and mammoths, maybe they have different technology, etc etc..).

    I believe that life exists out there, but given the limitations we have even now, it would be hard to find anything at any level. We need alot more technological progression before we can legitimately argue that maybe theres nothing to find.
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      Mar 1 2013: Xavier, I do hope that what you have raised is true too. Perhaps there is life out there but have already expired many thousands of years ago, therefore making it impossible to find them. Or, they might exist right now but we would never reach them nor have the means to communicate with them. Still, there exists the frightening situation that Earth is the only planet which has life.

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