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Are we truly alone in the Universe?

Given the decades that SETI has been in progress, why have we not found a single shred of evidence that proves that there are some form of intelligent civilization existing on other planets? We have advanced so much in just over 200 years since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of stars and habitable planets surround us. Why are our calls out to the Universe returned with chilling silence?


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    Feb 28 2013: I want to answer in few different angles:

    1.If we are alone, Don't you think a lot of space is wasted?

    2.We don't have that much technology
    3.Why they want to communicate with us?
    4.Maybe they don't know we exist either
    5.Maybe they don't how to act and communicate with us .
    6. Maybe our world can not be known for them and the other way. we have lots of theory and proven topics like worlds in different dimensions , different time meaning, different sky and lot more

    I think we are in the beginning of knowing the world around us and I have serous doubt about them to try communicate us, because let's face it: Why?
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      Feb 28 2013: Hello Farokh,
      I LOVE the idea of exploring from different angles:>)

      I agree that we are beginning to try to better understand the world around us. You ask "why" would other life forms communicate with us? Perhaps they ARE trying to communicate with us? Are we listening? Hearing? Observing? Open to a different kind of communication?

      As Kate insightfull points out..."we have only just found out that dolphins actually talk to each other, have names, are intelligent, etc! And how long have we been studying them, and they are right on our door step ... ".

      We have begun to cooperate with dolphins as they connect with children who communicate in a different way....autism for example.

      They are learning, through scientific reasearch, that dogs communicate better than some humans. You've heard of the "horse wisperers"? People who communicate with horses? Humans used to think we could simply "break" horses to make them do what we wanted to do. We are now finding out that we can share a language and cooperate with each other. We may need to learn to communicate in many different ways before other life forms are willing to communicate with us.

      You suggest that "maybe they don't know how to act and communicate with us?" How about the idea
      that WE don't know how to communicate with THEM?

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