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Are we truly alone in the Universe?

Given the decades that SETI has been in progress, why have we not found a single shred of evidence that proves that there are some form of intelligent civilization existing on other planets? We have advanced so much in just over 200 years since the Industrial Revolution. Billions of stars and habitable planets surround us. Why are our calls out to the Universe returned with chilling silence?


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  • Feb 28 2013: There are so many problems and issues that make actually finding this elsewhere problematical. Maybe the problem of whales and dolphins is more related to not having the hands needed to do what we do. Then again maybe they are so intelligent that they do not seek the problems we have created. Civilized people have often reverted to more primitive lives. Remember "off to Croatia" written at the first English settlement in America by those leaving the hungry village to perhaps live among the Indians. Others have done this. Sam Houston who was known as the "big drunk" and latter the greatest leader of Texas lived for extended periods of time among his Indian friends. Of course, in Sci-Fi there are rarely travels among the stars at sublight speed. In short, the laws of physics are boring. The damage from cosmic radiation to neurons on a trip to Mars are one thing, but a long trip- that's another issue. Finally, highly intelligent creatures on our planet have existed only a short time. What do I really believe? A 1350cc brain is an expensive luxury. Of course, there were early groups of men with larger brains, but that's not the point. Is a man really that much better in a quest to survive over long periods of time than rats or certain crocadiles? I am beginning to wonder if a large brain is a biological mistake that is corrected in a reasonably short period of time before it can spread beyond its planet of origin. Has anyone seriously suggested that we spread our seed throughtout the universe? Could that be frozen fertilized eggs, an artificial womb, and Rosie the Robot from the jetson's ? Grow new people elsewhere. Okay someone is going to start waving a Bible and yelling. See my point. One would hope other species would do something like that. Duh - maybe they did, but how would we know?
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      Feb 28 2013: This is an interesting viewpoint that you have. However, I am admittedly an optimist and believe that our large brains are here for a good reason; not an anomaly to be eradicated over time.

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