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Can the European Union (EU) survive and help the continent to thrive?

The EU is composed of countries with surprisingly little in common, other than geography. As such, the EU will not survive another ten (10) years and will begin losing its relevance in very short order.


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  • Feb 28 2013: The only problem I see with the EEC is it got too big and too many poor members. Also - wouldn't it be better to have several such groups rather than trying to make one so large. Germany and France and some of the other members fit together well. Okay maybe we wouldn't want to pair Greece and Turkey together, but I see some real adbantages even there. Turkey, Iran, Iraq and a few others seem a good match. Why Jena wanted to leave India makes sense except history suggests Pakistan would have been better off in a richer greater India. Poland and the Baltics would seem to mesh well with the Old Russia, but they don't think so at all. Maybe I don't get it, but i feel smaller confederations of independent states is a better idea. Why can't these larger units work better together.

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