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Can humans resist 'opening the door' once they realize it's there?

I was struck today when Mary Lou Jepsen, in her talk about direct 'thought to digital' interface, declared, "We have little option but to open this door."

It made me wonder, under what conditions could we, would we decide to leave a door closed? Do we have little option but to open any door once we realize it's there?

Let's say, as a thought experiment, we had evidence that, in addition to all the coolness she described, the wrath of hell laid behind that particular door. Could human people actually agree to leave it closed? Even then?

Or would we say, "well, someone's going to open it, so it may as well be us."

Are we hardwired to 'open the door?


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  • Feb 28 2013: Maybe there is a little too much concern. To link to a hell or heaven may be done old -fashioned ways. I have seen a book called esoteric postures. Neolithic statues are used to explore yoga like positions used by shaman. Of course, there is drumming or something going on at the time. I have not tried this nor have I tried the chemical alternatives. Now one wonders about digital interfaces - What about steering wheels and other methods of controls? I'll check later to see if I get what you mean later.

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