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Is the water crisis a serious issue?

Do you think the US should put effort into fixing the water crisis?


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    Mar 1 2013: One cannot pipe the world can they? If a region is suffering from drought or arid climate conditions one does not go off and pipe water from one part of the planet to that area. The population of those areas will move or be forced to move as we have always done throughout history, it is only a crime when commercial interests take all the water for their own use through complex policies put in place by their shills in office.

    As far as i know for the States, it is the Oglalla aquifer that is being sucked dry and once that is gone? What other natural sources are there that will deliver the necessary amount needed to water the farms who are subsidized and are utilizing land that is usually too arid to grow in? There are those of us here who live on islands that understand that water is the primary source first and foremost of all resources that is the first concern, if someone was to tell me that i was to half the use of that water because they were going to take it and give it to someone else, i would shoot them then laugh at them for their naivete. Welcome to the horror of population pressure.
    • Mar 1 2013: But what if a community as a whole decided that they would decrease their own consumption because the end results were an extended life for the water supplies of the entire population. Yes there is not instant trade off if I save here it goes to someone somewhere else, but if we decrease the amount we use now, there might be more for everybody later.
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        Mar 1 2013: It would still run into the ocean Taylor and you can't stop it as it is part of the natural system of recycling as well as the complex bio environments that those sources keep alive by just being there. If you and your community do what you say you want to do? What's to stop the government body that controls it selling the excess off to commercial interests? One cannot take from a water producing area and give it to an area that is going arid and expect that it will change that area nor can one expect those water producing areas be producers in the future, as in the case of my country if what they predict comes to pass, half of my country turning to hot dry and arid. I live in Nz, two islands and if it goes belly up then i move.

        Conserve your water yes but it doesn't help anyone in Africa or Asia or me. The best one can do is make sure the natural aquifers don't drain out or allow it to drain out like they are doing with the Oglalla. There are ways to harvest moisture from early morning moisture from the coasts but it just needs setting up.
    • Mar 3 2013: "One cannot pipe the world can they?"

      We have already piped the world with oil and gas pipes.

      As Krisztián Pintér says, the key is price.
      • Mar 10 2013: If we already piped the world with oil and gas pipes why would it be so difficult to lay down a water pipe. Yes the price will be high but water provides life and without life then there is no point.

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