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Is the water crisis a serious issue?

Do you think the US should put effort into fixing the water crisis?


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  • Mar 6 2013: Only if water is essential to life....

    Oh wait, it is and that hasn't been enough to start a real conversation yet...

    Check out Alan Savory's new TED talk, he is the only person I know of on the planet with a reasoned, reasonable, inexpensive way to reverse desertification, but some sacred cows might have to get slaughtered (like "We need to get rid of cows"). Water has already started be a conflict starter (search Cochambamba and water to see what I mean) and the damages are already worldwide (Aral Sea, Colorado River, etc.). Yet this topic is recieving a lot less attention than the related Global Warming (exacerbated by albedo effect, often a direct result of less rainfall); I suspect because while we can live with warmer, we cannot live much drier than we already are. This is an even-less convenient-truth...
    • Mar 10 2013: Thank you very much for the TED talk, and do you think if they released another version of the inconvenient truth but about the water crisis it would help the cause?

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