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Is the water crisis a serious issue?

Do you think the US should put effort into fixing the water crisis?


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    Mar 6 2013: Taylor, It would be helpful to know your location to better address your question. Where does this crisis exist ... your site says in developing countries. Your explaination states ... should the US put effort into fixing the crisis. What right does the US have to interfer into another countries internal issues? The US State Department has for years attempted to "buy a buddy" by giving cash and supplying weapons ... the US is a failed dipolmatic state. All US efforts to "buy a buddy" has failed and we still send millions / billions to be distributed among the politicians. The citizens have never benefited.

    Second .. you suggest the UN as a help ... you could not be from the US and make this suggestion. The UN budget is 13.9 billion which the US pays 25% of the total budget and 27% of the operations costs .. plus all of the facilities and the city of New York suffers from the diplomatic fools of the UN and violation of US laws. 17 of the member nations pay 86.5% of all costs ... the rest of the nations are there for the ride. The UN has been trying to correct the world problems since 1945 and have a VERY poor record but VERY high costs. Can you name a nation that has been expelled for not paying it manditory dues ... for human righs violation in their own country while being a member nation , etc ... for violating the UN charter ... nope it doesn't happen.

    For centuries these undeveloped nations have had the same basic problems and have never acted to resolve them. Peace Corps have dug wells .. planted crops .. etc. when they leave the people go back to the old ways.

    Shouldn't these people want to help themselves .. can you help someone who doesn't really want helped.

    Just asking. Throwing money at the problem ... is that the answer ... we do that all over the globe and are still hated.

    Just some thoughts. Bob.

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