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Is the water crisis a serious issue?

Do you think the US should put effort into fixing the water crisis?


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  • Feb 28 2013: How do you suggest we fix the problem?
    • Feb 28 2013: Amerikans have had many liberties taken away.
      They will not be given back. There are more laws to limit voting.
      There are methods people are trying to implement to not allow a change in law to be challenged once it has been passed. Such is what is happening in Michigan right now.
      There is so much going on that what seems clear is this: all these things falsely taken away can only be "taken back" by force in some form or other. They will not be given back.
      Amerikans have great examples from other countries as to what they need to do. Syria, Egypt, Libya, Italy, Greece. People have to rise up. The only empowerment Amerikans have right now is in the Dec of Indep which tells them, authorizes them and instructs them in what to do.

      Such is the fact that companies, groups or individuals who control resources must relinquish control or ownership of those resources. If they don't or won't, then only force will get them back.
      I don't see how one Amerikan can walk around without feeling real guilt about the poverty they have caused in the rest of the world. So too have others I know, with other countries and their governments and so on, but they have done the most damage.
      Yet they cry how much one act of child sexual abuse is 100% intolerable while they tolerate and benefit and enjoy, the fruits of resources stolen from other cultures and countries, causing millions to die and that includes millions of children.Over decades, with immunity and impunity. They can tolerate extreme collateral starvation, slavery, poverty, inequality, crime, greed, war and death. They benefit from all of that. If they are good people, then they must stop their Imperialistic, Fascist leaders and entities from carrying on in this way.
      They really shouldn't be doing anything else but that. How could anything else be more important?

      Mismanagement means new management. How do people get management that does its job?
      By voting? No, that doesn't work. Pleading? Asking nicely? Suggesting? Being civil?

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