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Is the water crisis a serious issue?

Do you think the US should put effort into fixing the water crisis?


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  • Feb 28 2013: Of course it is.
    Upwards of one billion people don't have access to clean water and over 2.5 billion don't have sanitary conditions.
    In 2005, 4,000 children a day died from not having access to enough water to keep them alive. That figure is higher now and still growing.
    Not one child left behind? Right? Wrong, millions of them left to die.
    Certainly not white chillun. Certainly not Amerikan chillun.
    Any resource that humans need to live should not be allowed to be owned or controlled by anyone, any country, any corporation, any bank or financial institution, king or queen. The resources of the earth were here for everyone's needs, not only a select few.
    The control should be taken out of their hands and managed properly by the global population.
    We don't have a population problem. We have a management problem of huge proportions because they are intentionally mismanaged for profit, scarcity that leads to profit, and that also leads to the horrible deaths of millions of people and thousands of children every single day.
    • Feb 28 2013: But do you think that the US should be working towards having more clean water, even when were are hardly affected by the lack of it. From what I know most Americans are apathetic and do not care about what happens in other parts of the world. So should we be the forerunners in a new age where water sustainability is key?

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