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eGovernment is possible

Now that we have a reliable world-wide communication system it would seem that we can now overcome the use of violence to solve our conflicts, by eliminating the human factor and replacing it with Integrated computer systems that are fully transparent and changeable only by eVoting. An efficient world government is possible and not as improbable as may first seem. The cost of eGovernment would be much lower than existing forms and that would create a huge boost in disposable income, which can only translate into a huge ecomomic boost. The only reason there is control by vested interests is that our management system is sloppy. I am sure that we can solve all the great ptoblems only one way and that is together. It's time we utilized technology in it's ultimate capability to assist in the saving of the Earth for our granchildren's grandchildren.


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    Feb 28 2013: I think that this could be a great idea for eliminating corruption everywhere! Our world is "a mess" and we should do something if we're planning to leave the future generations a Nicer world.

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