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eGovernment is possible

Now that we have a reliable world-wide communication system it would seem that we can now overcome the use of violence to solve our conflicts, by eliminating the human factor and replacing it with Integrated computer systems that are fully transparent and changeable only by eVoting. An efficient world government is possible and not as improbable as may first seem. The cost of eGovernment would be much lower than existing forms and that would create a huge boost in disposable income, which can only translate into a huge ecomomic boost. The only reason there is control by vested interests is that our management system is sloppy. I am sure that we can solve all the great ptoblems only one way and that is together. It's time we utilized technology in it's ultimate capability to assist in the saving of the Earth for our granchildren's grandchildren.

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    Mar 3 2013: In the US, Jennifer Granholm did a TED talk http://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_granholm_a_clean_energy_proposal_race_to_the_top.html and mentioned the possibility of private companies that could perform tasks state governments normally regulated. A government would probably need to see a demonstrable model before they would opt into self regulation.
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    Mar 2 2013: I don't share your optimism that e-voting would be somehow immune from corruption. Voting is power, and power is, eventually, money. The nature of Man is the problem. All the technology in the universe won't bring harmony and loving kindness to this world so long as Man's nature is corrupt. What everyone needs is a heart of compassion in place of the heart of selfishness with which we are all born. In Christianity we call it what Jesus called it, being Born Again.
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      Mar 2 2013: I do not think that man's nature is corrupt. I think than human beings are made imperfect only by those who say they are. There are many loving people in this world, who are all close to the eternal, for that is what it takes. To be love.
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        Mar 2 2013: I understand. Your position based upon your beliefs allows for the possibility of a fair, ethical, equitable, and honest system of government. My beliefs cause me to support a system where constant vigilance against corruption and abuse is essential. You trust people to be fair and decent. I trust people to behave according to strictly enforced laws for fear of the punishment which will result from violation of those laws. A system immune to abuse and corruption is not a possibility in my view. E-voting, like any other E-thing, would be no less abused and corrupt than the current systems in no time. Thank you for a relevant topic of discussion. Be well sir!
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          Mar 3 2013: A fair, ethical, equitable and honest government is not only possible, it is inevitable. Economics will demand it. iGovernment will be effficient, controllable and cheap.
          All we will need from our management system is the provision of services. The rest can go home. I predict a worldwide freemarket of one country; Earth.

          Am I niave? It may seem so, but I'm not. I hold that each person is essentially a part of the one conscious power that is all life and that this perfect power is the essence of all human beings and life forms. In other words, we are basically good. There are two ways to control people and enact a reality with them. One is as you say, plenty of fear of laws and punishment. The other is to elicit their participation in something they endorse.
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        Mar 3 2013: There is a spiritual sense apparent in your description of your beliefs about the inevitability of worldwide peace, prosperity and harmony. I despise labels, but may I ask if this belief of yours is held by others and has it been popularly dubbed with a recognizable label? It sounds like a system run by elitists where the masses are enticed to endorse and participate in a fail-safe global plan for provision of services. It's fine if you are making this up as you go along, but I do wonder if there is some verbal identity associated with your dogma and/or doctrine. Thank you!
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          Mar 3 2013: There is no label and all labels. Cynicism has no power over faith in mankind. It may seem foolish to many, but evolution is leading us into a higher level of understanding. The desire for peace on earth is far from foolish.
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        Mar 3 2013: RE: "There is no label. . ."
        I agree. The only foolish choice is the one that ignores proven facts. Mankind is more warlike and hostile than ever in recorded history and getting worse every year yet you say evolution is propelling us along toward inevitable peace on earth? Your doctrine seems utterly contrary to logic and sensibility to me. I wonder if you have a rationale for it you can share?
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          Mar 4 2013: You are a delight. There are few people who want war, yet it continues. The majority of people on eatth can now stand collectively for peace, yet they would not be heard When the government of a country is controlled by thse who profit by war, war is sure to ensue.

          My faith is in the peacefull majority; those who do not want to destroy, but to build. those who have had enough of the animal based ferilizer.

          I realize that rational is much more than the faith of one person. My rational is this; The greatness of the spirit of man is far more than various squabbling political systems.

          The intelligence of man can now be joined. We can get free of outdated politicaal sytems.
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        Mar 4 2013: RE: "You are a delight."
        Thanks for the explanation sir. Best wishes in your endeavor to bring peace and harmony to a world infected with narcissism, greed, and hatred. I wish your plan would work, but I fear your intellect and energy is being misspent. Peace.
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    Feb 28 2013: I think that this could be a great idea for eliminating corruption everywhere! Our world is "a mess" and we should do something if we're planning to leave the future generations a Nicer world.