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I am proposing that the next means of transport shall be known as VISHEA.

The Vishea shall be moving through the air and over the water.Only us men can make it a reality.I propose that its top part shall look like an Helicopter and its bottom like a boat.It shall have two engines one for flight and the other one for sailing.It shall help when weather does not allow flight and when the sea is troubled.Every body has a chance to improve it or develop it for it to be gotten into use.

  • Mar 6 2013: i'm sorry my friend but this is a very bad idea. 1.this helicopter boat car thing would be Extremely inefficient in all three of its tasks and not nearly as efficient as a machine made for that specific purpose 2. it would be extremely expensive so no normal citizen would buy it 3. it would be fuel wasting (another reason it wouldn't be used) 4. a boats dynamic and a planes dynamics are quite different to combine the two would mean a decrease in the ability of both of them 5. so i do got the idea that since it isn't amazing at any of the three individually you simply choose the one that best fits the situation like if there's 5 feet of snow you just fly but what if it's your in the middle of the ocean an it's in boat mode what would you do if there was a massive storm? its not like you could fly out of there the storm would destroy it
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    Feb 27 2013: I would love to see the Vishea because it shall help many people