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Other side of climate change debate?

I don't want to start an argument over which side is right. I am trying to educate myself with views from both sides of the issue before I form my opinion. I haven't formed one yet on man made climate change, but I can't find any TED talks that are from the camp that say man made CO2 is not the cause of climate change... Does anyone know of one I could watch?
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    Feb 28 2013: Climate change denial has a political agenda.

    Man-made cimate change has a scientific one.

    You choose.

    Here's a video, via The Real News.com of Jeffrey T. Kiehl, who is a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research:

    • Feb 28 2013: Hey, just watched the video. That guy lives right up the way from me, well... same state anyway. He had some quality points to make. I am glad to see him take those questions head on. (I wish the news guy didn't look so smug. Its not an argument anyone should be happy about winning, kind of like "See! I told you your Grandmother was dead, and you didn't believe me....) Anyway, I had no idea there were two types of carbon, and I am happy to see that he acknowledged the problems with Al Gores hockey stick in a matter of fact way, definitely boosts his credibility with me. Thanks again for the link. :)
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        Feb 28 2013: I too watched the interview, did you happen to look at any of the comments/debates about the interview and the topic on the page? Again Tom, I encourage you to watch the documentary "COOL IT". It exposes the current discourse and subsequent policies and proposals as ineffective and inefficient to the goals they were meant to achieve. Bjorn is not saying there is no Climate Change, he is saying the information being used and abused on both sides of the discourse are resulting in false conclusions and irresponsible policies.

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