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Other side of climate change debate?

I don't want to start an argument over which side is right. I am trying to educate myself with views from both sides of the issue before I form my opinion. I haven't formed one yet on man made climate change, but I can't find any TED talks that are from the camp that say man made CO2 is not the cause of climate change... Does anyone know of one I could watch?
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  • Feb 27 2013: Those fossil fuels come from dead animal and plants of long ago-as you might already know. We burn those fuel and deposit more CO2 into the air then nature can handle.
    Photo plankton give us most of our oxygen, not trees & plants, and we our killing off their life cycle by what we are doing to the air & oceans of the world.
    Everything is interconnected-everything.
    • Feb 28 2013: Agreed, everything is indeed connected, like a sympathetic nervous system planet wide. And what we are doing to the oceans is pretty darned ugly and shameful. I'd like to run with your observation of everything being interconnected a bit: It's almost as if all the cells of your body gained individual awareness and started being motivated by short term self interest. What a mess that would make. Makes me think that perhaps there are cosmic/consciousness related questions that need answering as well as the scientific ones if we are to see our way clear of this mess. Perhaps with the global implementation of information technology we are.... kind of like the sympathetic nervous system that keeps all the cells coordinated through the flow of information so that we reap the rewards of synergy and can operate as a single system in ITS best interest as well as our own... I don't know,it's late, my brain is slipping out of gear I think. Thanks for the reply. (and the reminder) :)
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