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Which should prevail when there is a conflict of interest between Freedom of speech and Censorship by the government?

what should be the balancing act when govt infringes on individual rights? How , we as a society, should respond for collective action.?


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  • Feb 27 2013: I think it is important to look at intent of the government and the individual.

    As many here pointed out, if your intent is to entice violence then you should not be granted a freedom of speech. You should also not be free to speak about private matters of an individual or attack person's physical or mental look/abilities.

    On other hand, we should all be free to criticize individual and government actions and ideologies. There is still common belief that some ideologies should not be criticized. Without ability to freely criticize we don't have ability to fight corruption, dictatorships and other forms of oppression (political and/or religious).

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