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Which should prevail when there is a conflict of interest between Freedom of speech and Censorship by the government?

what should be the balancing act when govt infringes on individual rights? How , we as a society, should respond for collective action.?


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  • Feb 27 2013: What conflict do you have in mind? Maybe more details from you would help us to see your question basis better.

    Freedom of speech, used wisely, will add good to humankind. Used ignorantly and unkindly it adds anger or major disrespect. Sometimes its better to not speak an opinion, but to ask more questions.

    The right questions offered at just the right time in the right way to help others think of beneficial possibilities for change may be more powerful than yelling into a microphone! Would Gandhi come to mind for your question?
    • Feb 27 2013: Certainly Gandhi would have deplored the prevailing condition in India. I would like to point out that being a democracy for over 65 years, we are still burdened with archaic laws that really dont fit to present circumstances. From the cultural perspective as pointed out, we are a liberal society where there is a respect for different opinions. Plz read my article in my blog http://kittiputti.blogspot.in/. Further discussion will be greeted.

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