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Stuff you think someone should make but you lack the motivation to do it yourself.

I'll start. EPIRB activated inflatable life jackets. You know how if you get too far away from your car it locks itself? Why can't that be done with life jackets. If you get more than 10m away from the EPIRB (adjustable for big boats obviously) your life jacket auto-inflates. You build in a 10 second beeper so if you get out at a jetty you have ten seconds to turn around and throw your life jacket back in the boat. If you remain too far from the EPIRB it automatically goes off. Handy if you're fishing by yourself and fall overboard. So the sequence would be 1) You fall overboard bumping your head and knocking yourself out 2) Your jacket auto-inflates as you drift away from your boat 3) If you don't gat back in in less than 5mins the EPIRB goes off alerting the authorities. Someone who is more motivated than me should make this!
Now it's your turn

  • Feb 27 2013: a laundry basket that can be used to pile laundry and be put in washers and dryers whole (resizable for laundry mats would be a plus). This would eliminate the awkward moments when underwear falls when transporting clothes from your room to the washer or from the washer to the dryer. It seems like such a simple concept, I'm surprised it hasn't hit the market.
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      Mar 2 2013: The military has used mesh bags for laundry for decades. The bag and all goes into the washer and dryer.
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    Mar 2 2013: I want a government that does everything for me even what to think. Oh that's right I already have one.

    From reading about (someone brought it up here on TED) the area that is untapped is in software.

    Your idea (lateral thinking) might apply to children or pets or parents with Alzheimer's?
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    Feb 28 2013: A barcalounger with a computer inside of it. So you can work in an ergonomically neutral position.
  • Feb 27 2013: A bicycle that charges your phone as you pedal
  • Feb 27 2013: Secure internet protocol.