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Let's create a sport men and women are equally good at so they can compete together.

Nowadays most sports are segregated. Men's basketball, women's basketball; men's swimming, women's swimming; men's track, women's track. Could there be a sport we could do equally well so we could compete/play together at the highest level?


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  • Mar 14 2013: Great idea, Glen...Like some of the other commenters here -- and yourself, no doubt -- I have no clue how to begin designing such a sport.
    You could start a Mission on Gajantic, pump it out to your friends, and see if anyone has ideas about how to get it done.
    I hope you do, because I've always thought having to segregate women and men in sport is kind of lame.
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      Mar 14 2013: warrick, I started thinking maybe men and women could compete together in sports where the judging is subjective. In games where there is a strict number tally, the stronger men may win. But what about gymnastics, where judges might value beauty and grace more than strength? That would be interesting to put men and women against each other and see who prevailed.

      Just for fun, what if you took games that are usually judged on points scored and made them subjectively judged. Like you could pit men and women against each other in basketball and instead of the winner being judged on who scored the most points, maybe the judges would decide the winner is whoever played the most beautiful game.

      Or you could play tally-type games with an equal amount of women and men in each of the opposing teams.

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