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Is it possible our Senators are voting strictly in accordance with their party? Should they be?

The Hagel vote is in. 99 Senators voted. Of the 53 Democrats all voted YEA except one did not vote. All 41 of the NAY votes were Republicans. All Independents (2) voted YEA. 4 Republicans opposed their party line and voted YEA. Not one single Democrat has a serious concern about Hagle's qualifications? 100% of the Democrats did not vote against Hagel while 90+% of the Republicans did vote against his nomination. It seems either the Republicans are unjustified in opposing Hagel, or the Demcrats are blind to what the Republicans see. Doesn't one of those have to be true?


Closing Statement from edward long

I guess I am the only one shocked by the stark partisanship in the Hagel vote results. All respondents seem unimpressed with the idea that ALL Democrats voted the party line and 90+ % of the Republicans did likewise. Even the Independents all voted the same way. It looks like our nation is being run by the party bosses and their cronies who establish the party line. These folks are not elected. Something is rotten in the state of America. Thanks to the six respondents.

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    Feb 27 2013: The 2 pertinent points about politics is that politicians ONLY care about 2 things:

    1 get elected

    2 get reelected

    They vote the way their constituents want them to vote.
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      Feb 27 2013: like any animal has two goals, survive and reproduce. animals having any other goals are at a disadvantage, and sooner or later extinct.
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        Feb 27 2013: People are naive in thinking that politicians give a rats ass about anything else though.
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          Feb 27 2013: True dat. But if that sold-out vermin gets hundreds, or thousands, of emails saying "Vote this way or I will not vote for you the next time you run!", wouldn't it affect the way s/he votes? I think it would. Right now it looks like our reps are being controlled by the party and not by their constituents. Agreed?

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