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I am proposing the idea to reduce the $ spent on communication / reports in government and NGO sector and use that amount to open up data.

Taking from the bonos talk about Factivist. Why we cannot make Government and Non profit organizations Factivists.

Governments always claim about transparency. Even, the most corrupt Governments in Africa and Asia have high claims about transparency. It is hard to prove the corruption in Governments in the current times.

I have seen all the Governments and Non profit organizations hire highly paid communication managers and spend money in report writings. What if, all the agencies that give aid make it mandatory for all programs to spnd less on communications and report writings and use that money to make their data Opon. The data in the hands of citizens will be the key to fight corruption and promote transparency.

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    Feb 27 2013: it would work nicely, if governments had any desire to actually be honest and open.
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    Feb 27 2013: I belive aid should be tight with opening up data for translarency and accountability. If a party does not want to open up data about the projects then there should not be any aid to the Governments and organizations.
  • Feb 27 2013: Seems Okay, but isn't all that just part of the game? To change - is there some reward for the person pushing the change?