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What should one do , if situations take control of a person's life , as in he wants to do good but bad happens everytime .

You have mixed feelings about your worries. On one hand, your worries are bothering you - you can't sleep, and you can't get these pessimistic thoughts out of your head. But there is a way that these worries make sense to you. For example, you think:

Maybe I'll find a solution.
I don't want to overlook anything.
If I keep thinking a little longer, maybe I'll figure it out.
I don't want to be surprised.
I want to be responsible.

You have a hard time giving up on your worries because, in a sense, your worries have been working for you.


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      Feb 26 2013: There it is Tarun.....you have your own answers!!! Good job:>)

      You write..."this world doesn't find or let you go easy on your way".

      Did anyone ever tell you that life would be easy Tarun? I have discovered that sometimes, the most difficult challenges provide the most joy.....when we get to the end of the tunnel:>) YOU ARE RIGHT....believe in yourself and don't give up because something seems challenging:>)

      You also write..."...you give room to the situation and surroundings to make the next move and this arrises the problem".

      You GIVE ROOM to the situation and surroundings to make the next move? Why give YOUR "moves" away my friend?
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        Feb 26 2013: ok , so if i think that the thing is worth getting , i should continue with the hard work , but the at the same time fear keeps me away from actual work place , that is how all the difference is made .
        and i assure you that i am motivated enough to not to give up under any circumstances .
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          Feb 27 2013: You are the only one who can decide what you "should" do Tarun. I listen to my intuition/instinct to discover what path to take at any given time. Then I use logic and reason to figure out the details. I do not look back with "worry", which is generally caused by fear.

          If fear keeps you away from actual work place, then fear is getting in the way of progressing for you? In another comment, you say..."actually all my worries of loosing something , makes me work even harder , that's how it makes sense".

          Ok....if worry (fear) works for you.....carry on! However, you are here asking a question, which suggests that it DOES NOT work for you. Are you clear with your quest?

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