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What , for you, is the best song ever made?

Its just a simple and direct question, and please, only ONE

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    Feb 26 2013: I like one called "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" by the Velvet Underground. This one shows that you can be happy and survive without much.
  • Mar 5 2013: "redemption song" by bob marley
  • Mar 4 2013: This is a Tamil song & is very meaningful. My favorite!

    Ovvoru Pookalume Solgiradhey.. Vazhvendral Poradum Porkalame.
    Every flower tells that life itself is a war.
    Ovvoru Vidhiyalume solgiradhey iravaanal pagal onru vandhidumey.
    Every morning tells that there is always a day after night.
    Nambikkai enbathu vendum nam vaazhvil. Latchiyangal nitchayam vellum oru naazhil.
    We need to have faith in out lives. Our aims will get fulfilled some day or the other.
    Maname, oh manamey ni maarividu. Mazhaiyo adhu paniyo nee modhividu.
    Heart please transform and fight for anything, whether it is rain or snow.

    Ullam endrum eppothum, udainthu poga koodathu.
    Our inner soul should never be broken,
    Enna intha vazhkai endru ennam thondra koodathu.
    The thought, "What life is this?" should never arise.
    Entha manitha nenjukkul, kaayam illai sollungal..
    Tell me in which man's heart, there is no sadness at all.
    Vali Thaangum Ullam Dhaney Nileiyana Sugam Kaanum
    Only the heart that bears the pain can enjoy the happiness
    Yaarukillei Poraatam Kannil enna Nirottam
    Who has no battle to fight, tears in the eyes
    Oru Kanavu Kandaal Atha Dhinamuyandral Oru Naalil Nijamagum
    Dream, work and you'll achieve it.

    Vaazhkai kavithai vaasippom, vaanam azhavu yosippom.
    Let us sing the song of life, let us think beyond the skies.
    Muyarchi endra ondrai mattum, moochi pola swasippom.
    Let us breathe the one thing - Effort.
    Lacham Kanavu Kannodu.Lachiyangal Nenjoduu
    Lakhs of dreams, kept in the heart.
    Unnei Vella Yaarumilleu Uruthiyøda Pøraadu
    There is none to beat you, fight bravely.
    Manitha Unn Manadhai Kiri Vithai Podu Maramaagum
    Sow the seeds in your soul and it will become trees.
    Avamaanam Padutholvi ellamey Uravaagum.
    Sadness and loss will disappear.
    Thollvi Indri Varalaaraa. Dhukkam illai en Thozha.
    There is no history without sadness, there is no sadness, my friend.
    Oru Mudivirinthaal.. Athil Thelivirinthaal Antha Vaanam Vasamaaghumm
    if there is a decision and its clear, the skies will be your target.
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    Mar 4 2013: All we need is love
    The Beatles
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    Mar 2 2013: I'm just going to be blatant Daniel and get you to look at one my local girls who loop shows, don't worry about the "tats" it's normal in Nz for us to be covered in them but you can't say this girl isn't talented.
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    Feb 27 2013: "Closing Time" by Semisonic. I quoted this song in my speech at my high school graduation. More specifically, the quote "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"
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    Feb 26 2013: This song is about inclusive good times for all - just as long as there is no idiocy and no judging.
  • Feb 26 2013: One that comes to heart ... " Lean On Me ," ,by Mr. Bill Withers
    I wrote a song for Mr. Withers and he won't call me back...
    oh well....
    another one I love..."You've Got A Friend " by Miss Carole King
    and for world peace..."White Bird " by It's A Beautiful Day
    for tenderness..."If I Were a Carpenter" by Mr .Bobby Darin
  • Feb 26 2013: This one song has always been my favorite. It isn't lyrics. It's the tune.

    Wind blowing through pine branches
    with Thunder rolling up canyons.
    Lightning, sizzling and cymbalizing,
    while rain falls lightly and lacy-like.
    All together now.....key of awe
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    Gail .

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    Feb 26 2013: One verse out of a song is something that I sing to myself when I feel like walking away from my possible dreams or leaving a problem for someone else to solve. I doubt that most will understand why I see it as powerful, because I live in a culture that teaches the opposite. But this works FOR ME.

    I have to walk this lonesome valley
    I have to walk it by myself
    Oh nobody else will walk it for me
    I have to walk it by myself.

    My mother, on the other hand, who lives in a constant state of clinical depression has a favorite of
    "The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow"
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    Feb 26 2013: Ave Maria, the Schubert version.
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    Feb 26 2013: The best song that's ever made for me since last week is Skyfall.
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    Feb 26 2013: Hallellujah by Mozart
  • Feb 26 2013: Somewhere over the rainbow