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Are we being subject to emotional and financial blackmail by public officials ?

Currently in the USA, there is a great debate about a recently passed law which will cut a small percentage from the Federal Budget for next year's expenses. Next year's budget is higher then this years, so the proposed cut is in the increase.
There has been a great hue and cry by the Federal Administration, that this law will seriously hamper many functions that the Federal Government provides, such as food safety, children's health and welfare, transportation, etc. They want the cut removed or else.
In our state, the public schools with huge budgets are demanding even more in eductions funds or else the children will not be well educated.
Of course, public education has fallen to levels below most of the industrialized nations.

Needless to say that these public institutions are rife with waste and mismanagement.


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    Feb 26 2013: The American people are largely apathetic and ignorant regarding the workings of their government. When that ignorance and apathy is used by others to accomplish their goals (election and re-election as Mr.Gilbert posits) I do not think "blackmail" is the best description of that situation. Blackmail relies on one party having done something illegal and/or wrong for which they are willing to pay money to avoid exposure. The only thing the American citizen has done wrong is not inform themselves and to not care about their government. That has no value as a blackmailing opportunity. Perhaps a better word is "abuse". Are we (uninformed and uncaring citizens) being abused by public officials? Hmmm.
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      Feb 26 2013: Maybe, I should have used the word ransom instead of blackmailed.
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        Feb 26 2013: Ransom is akin to blackmail. If you don't like "abused", how about "bullied"?

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