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Whatever happened to the Oxford comma?

Who decreed it was unnecessary? I miss it, so I require my students to use it. Are we wasting our time?


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    Mar 1 2013: "At the costume party, I saw two strippers, Hitler and Stalin." How many people did I see?
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      Mar 1 2013: Were they the only people you saw?
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      Mar 2 2013: Dude, you must find better parties. Just thinking about this I had to wash my eyes and there may be a loss of brain cells which I can ill afford.
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        Mar 2 2013: Sometimes I get sucked into these teasers.
        Without the serial comma it seems to read as though Hitler and Stalin are the strippers.
        But Alan didn't say those were the only people he saw at the party.
        It's Mardi Gras tonight in Sydney. I live in the city near the action, so my take your advice. Which will also result in brain cell death.
        Catch 22.

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