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TEDMen Conference?

A commenter at one of the TEDWomen talks posted this thought:

"TED has/had a program called TEDWomen. Can you imagine all the negativity it would generate with a segment called TEDMen? Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the feedback would be positive."

I started to reply to the comment in this way: "Here's an idea: Organize a TEDxMEN event locally. Show several of the inspiration TEDTalks about men."

This comment promptly me to search for inspirational TEDTalks geared toward men. Search "men" and one talk comes up, Tony Porters, and ironically this talk was presented at a TED Women Conference.

"Tony Porter and....hmmm? Where are all the inspirational TEDTalks for men?"

What other TEDTalks would you recommend for a TEDxMen event?
Do you think there is a need for a TEDMen?

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    Feb 26 2013: I do agree! At the TEDxWomen, a lot of speakers talk about strife, but I believe there is strife in men's lives too (we just minimize it because people think "men don't cry"). I think there is a stigma that opening up and expressing emotions are only reserved for genetic females and homosexual men, but there needs to be someone to challenge ideas like that. Men are not purely sexually wired creatures and I think we should contribute to this discussion of gender equality just as much as women have already. I think both sides of the stories from each gender will help progress in the battle for gender equality in the world, in society, in communities, in relationships, and within one's self as well.
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      Feb 26 2013: I totally agree. Men cannot be in relationship in meaningful ways until they examine their relationship with themselves first.
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        Feb 26 2013: I think a lot of issues men face with themselves stem from the examples that are around them, whether it be parents, school mates, media, or even the books that are supposed to educate them. I think it is definitely about time to begin a movement to enlighten men and empower them with new found empathy and compassion for the world. I believe once everyone learns how to think, then more good things will follow.
  • Feb 26 2013: Ha ha! I agree. Men need some help in this day and age. I feel like apathy, disrespect towards women, disinterest in family and kids, and avoidance of responsibility are all on the rise. (Re: there are more women graduating from higher education institutions than men all over the US. Look at the TED talk "The Demise of Guys") In short, the boys aren't growing up. Heck, what can I say, I'm only 22. But seriously, I think it'd be needed.
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      Feb 26 2013: Great comment. Try to find a copy of "Iron John" by Robert Bly
  • Mar 3 2013: Great idea! And I am a woman...

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      Mar 3 2013: Thanks for commenting.

      Why wouldn't women want men to get together and identify issues where they can improve themselves, and create a sense of fraternity. Men are less supportive of women doing this because it can be viewed as a threat to their traditional roles a providers, but this has changed in many ways. Women will benefit from such an event
      Men need better role models and a TEDMEN Conference can provide this.
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    Feb 26 2013: Excellent ideas. Your mention of daughters helped me to find this talk which I hadn't heard.
    There is a lot that men need to take responsibility for, being fathers is at the top of the list, along with how we treat all women; daughter, mothers, sisters, lovers wives, coworkers etc

    You also touches on my real concern, the message boys are receiving, and the self image they are creating for themselves. What are the male role models for boys these days?
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    Feb 26 2013: The Sam Martin and Adam Carone talks are also under the tag "men" I have not heard them.
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      Feb 26 2013: Oh, I had forgotten about the Sam Martin talk. Sam's a writer and his tal is about men needing a "manspace," which is sometimes called a "mancave".
      Adam Garone's talk is about raising awareness about men's health issues, specifically, prostate cancer.
      Thanks for mentioning these, they're both good candidates for a TEDxMen event
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    Feb 26 2013: Yep, it would be great...What are we going to talk about? How about species allocation pressure and how it affects "we" men in more ways than we think?

    How about daughters? and why their extreme cost of hair accessories can drive men nuts when there is no conditioner left after three days from buying it?

    Why are there so many young males who can't read and write in this day and age in our countries?
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      Feb 26 2013: My response to your comment is posted separately above, in error.
      Thanks for your ideas.
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    Feb 26 2013: Maybe.But what sort of topics are there to be discussed among men only? Why separate the sexes in the first place? I feel like we move a century backwards if we do so.
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    Mar 6 2013: Firstly, there is a TEDxWomen because most TEDx events are organized by... women. And since most women are heterosexual, these organizing women tend to invite male speakers. Ergo, an apparent lack of female speakers! To my opinion it's not women who have a problem. Nevertheless I don't think we need a TedMen event. All men need is to not be bothered by people telling us how to be a man i.e. remove control instead of adding control.
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      Mar 6 2013: I am not certain you are understanding the question, TEDWomen Conferences are not independently organize X-event, they are organized by TED.
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    Feb 26 2013: I'm not sure Ted,

    What comes to mind is pendulum of balance.
    For instance, I'm allowing some outrageously wrong things to go down in my community about native entitlements.
    I'm doing it because the stuff which is not outrageous needs to find some air - so we create a super-privelidged subclass based on precepts that will be cut to pieces in the real world of argy-bargy give and take.
    This is based on my interaction with indigenees - the really bad stuff about them and the absolutely magical insights that will not get metabolised by community until we get through the bad bits.
    You are in USA - your ancestors did to the natives what my anscestors did - the horror of the detail surpasses or equals any holocaust you could name.
    And you will have to admit - not all your ancestors did that stuff. And if you were born on that land - you are a native - with all the virtue and guilt of the anscestors of all natives.

    So .. women/men?
    Same. Get through the bad bits - and be ready for the magic.

    Then men can have their go. We will need the magic first.

    It's OK to prepare for it - but don't expect to overcome the pendulum.