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TEDMen Conference?

A commenter at one of the TEDWomen talks posted this thought:

"TED has/had a program called TEDWomen. Can you imagine all the negativity it would generate with a segment called TEDMen? Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the feedback would be positive."

I started to reply to the comment in this way: "Here's an idea: Organize a TEDxMEN event locally. Show several of the inspiration TEDTalks about men."

This comment promptly me to search for inspirational TEDTalks geared toward men. Search "men" and one talk comes up, Tony Porters, and ironically this talk was presented at a TED Women Conference.

"Tony Porter and....hmmm? Where are all the inspirational TEDTalks for men?"

What other TEDTalks would you recommend for a TEDxMen event?
Do you think there is a need for a TEDMen?


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