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All Government or all Private?

Here on TED I find alot of arguments for/against Government ownership of services and arguments for/against the private sector alternative.
So out of interest let's take this to extremes..

Lets say that oneday the Government takes a piece of paper
and on the paper all services provided by the government are listed.

Police, Firefighters, prisons, highway maintenance, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, military, Public Transport, FDA, EPA, DOE, DOA, sewage system, water infrastructure, Congress, Elections, Legislation, policy, the courts, everything... even the Materials and labour that maintain and create them.

Now, lets say the Government now gives you a referendum and the choice is that every single service either stays with the Government or it goes to private companies to run.
Which option do you choose and why?
There are no other options available.


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    Feb 25 2013: I would choose all private. The private sector has always offered more choice and greater efficiency due to competition. Likewise, the bloat and inefficiency of the public sector points back to the same root cause - lack of competition.

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