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Hacking democracy: a simple, legal way to put the power in the hands of the people

Literally all the problems in the way we're governed right now are due to the people with decision making power being disconnected from their constituents. No one except those running the military industrial complex want our tax dollars to fund endless war. No one except the bankers want our tax dollars to bail them out.

Occupy wall street, anonymous hacking government emails, peaceful protestors yelling at passerbys on weekends, hundreds of thousands of people signing online petitions, anarchists dropping out of college to go live in the woods, these techniques have not proven at all effective in fixing the broken system. No one seems to want to get to the root of the problem, the power structure itself.

I propose an online direct democracy system that any registered voter can use (not only members of a particular political party) that would allow every citizen in a community to propose, edit, upvote, comment, and vote on legislation that impacts their community. But this system is toothless without the hacking democracy part of my plan.

A person (not a politician) runs for office under the platform that he will exclusively use this decentralized decision making process to make decisions. Imagine that instead of his own brain deciding whether or not to pass legislation, he agrees to submit to the whims of the people. He will still be proposing legislation through this system, but now everyone can. If he has good ideas, the citizens will vote for his legislation. If he doesn't, he can just execute the legislation his constituents come up with.

I have a million bulletproof counter-arguments for any criticism of direct democracy & I have the time to explain them to you, but the most important idea you need to consider is this: we need to incrementally improve the system. No one is going to come up with a plan tomorrow that fixes all of society's problems and instantaneous paradigm shifts aren't practical.

Check out my site: http://hackingdemocracy.wordpress.com


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  • Feb 26 2013: To anyone following this thread: notice how no one has a response to anything I say. It's not because I write incoherently or my arguments are not worth arguing with. It's because no one has any good rebuttals as soon as I elaborate on this plan even a tiny bit. The mere fact that these people are not responding should be enough to convince you this hacking democracy idea has weight.

    Entropy has eaten away at the current system to the point where our government (I'm talking about all countries) has become a complete joke. Sure, the Daily Show and The Onion are pretty entertaining right now but our children are going to ask us why we waited so long to fix this ridiculous system. We've had this revolutionary technology known as the internet for the past 20 years, but the most people use it for is still watching videos of kittens and porn?

    As soon as we have new medical technology, travel technology, even entertainment technology, we embrace it immediately. The only thing stopping us from embracing communication technology to begin fixing our existing system are the people in power who refuse to relinquish an iota of their decision making ability. They claim that "the masses don't know what's best for themselves." "We wear suits with American FLAGS on them. We're rich! You work a job you hate! So listen to us!"

    We're not children. Hell, children would probably be more efficient than congress at this point. The societal unrest expressed through Occupy Wall Street did not vanish when that movement faded away. And the next time someone comes up with a successful meme, even more people are going to get behind it. Open-source government will happen eventually.

    And to all you people who think we need to have the plan for a flawless utopia before we even think about altering the current system: instead of failing to criticize my idea, why don't you propose something of your own? Propose it in the form of legislation & post it here: www.reddit.com/r/hackingdemocracy

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