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Is it good to be called "Global Citizen" rather than a citizen of home country?

Under the influence of globalization, the world becomes shrink and people are free to go and do things in other places out of their home nations much easier than before. It is no longer that one country can stand alone though there are still a few remain.
The term Global Citizen comes up and people seem to feel comfortable to be called themselves in this way.


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It is even more important in a sense of addressing global inequality. Anybody is part of the world regardless of where they area. Calling people in this way can be a motivation, however, it might be as our colleague here said good for less popular countries.
Do you think so?

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    Gail . 50+

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    Feb 25 2013: I do not want to be a global citizen unless I am also a citizen in my local community. I want my voice to be heard. Seven billion people have a tendency to drown it out.

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