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Community driven website that links together the best ideas, the best workers and required financing

I'm a web designer. This is an idea about a community driven website. If people are given the right tools, anything can be done.

There are problems in the world that need to be fixed, and improvements that can be made. You can call this "the mother of all improvement projects". Its like a much more advanced version of this TED website. The basis of the project is simple:

1. There are people in this world who are good in generating good ideas for solving various problems in society.

2. There are people who are willing to work to implement those ideas for money, or for personal satisfaction.

3. There are people who are rich and are willing to finance these ideas.

The web project would link these three elements. The best ideas will get "upvoted", improved and prioritized. The best workers will get the best feedback. Rich people can then decide which projects they want to finance.

The scope is limitless and can apply anywhere in the world from rich upper-class neighborhoods in developed countries to villages in Africa. Examples of problems: Reducing corruption in a government, improving laws, reducing crime, implementing other sub-projects, big or small, that make society better.

Why would this work? One examples of a community driven website is Reddit. The best/most amusing/interesting internet links/images/stories are "upvoted" to appear on their front page. Its a very popular website with a traffic rank of 130 in Alexa.
Other examples: Comments on Yahoo news article. The best comments get upvoted to the top. Another example is an internet search engine. The best websites for a certain term are ranked higher.

The success of a project depends on the belief we have in it and for me it is very strong. My goal is to get ideas and find a group of like-minded people to start working on this project.
I thought TED is a good place to come and get an initial response to this.


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  • Mar 1 2013: Oh yea I dont like that forum too. For one, the header is too big and we have to scroll down. Thanks for making that forum! We will work on it to create some headers/sections in the forum, and then go to these other forums to look for people who want to join us. We dont need too many people to start this, just a few good, or as many as we can get. Its ok either way.
    Thanks for evaluating that Creativity Pool forum.

    I'll make a Google plus page and will let you know. I havent used Google plus before.
    One section I was thinking of for our forum is "Bios" where we can talk (would be optional) about our biography, how we got interested in this project, what drives us to think about it and want to see it succeed. This can go at the bottom of all the other future forums. We will see.

    You know I have one thing and that is stubborn optimism and the belief that a solution exists to most (if not every) problem and I'm committed to this project.
    I will register there as well.

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