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WHAT IF we write a novel together, right here, write now ... [ calling all story-tellers ]

A Novel idea, born & raised in a TED Conversation, August, 2011, several of us started writing a novel. As more contributed, it turned into sort of a global road trip adventure that took off in a retro VW van. Then, oops, TED Conversation time ran out, so we passed it by and editor, who helped create a unified writing style and some edits... I'd like to share the first chapter below, and see if we can continue another chapter... Consider the ways of improve, building without denying and enjoy.
Calling all fantastical Story Tellers... IF you are game... TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO COMMENT ABOUT THE STORY, JUST JUMP IN...
IT began, Like this...
A random road trip around the planet... seemed like a good way for the seven strangers to get to know each other...

The first to respond to the small advertisement that apparently ran in every small town newspaper, was in fact the soon to be ex mayor of Now Town. Mayor Theodore Chase, named after his small-town-famous father, swears he didn't vote for his own kid, his mother claims she carried a placard in the demonstration preceding his election warning the town, Now You See Us - Tomorrow You Won't. Somehow in just 3 years, he had managed to shut down everything that made childhood worth remembering; the public libraries, the educational programs that worked with artists, even the children's wading pool. Needless to say, the town was broke, and free of art and culture. A ban on laughter might have been next, be there was no need.

It might seem no one would miss the mayor, so getting out of Now Town, couldn’t have come soon enough. Mayor Chase, took to the wheel first. The six other strangers seemed happy not to know where they might be headed, at least, for now...


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    "I prefer to take my shot orally, but hey, whatever". "Bartender, make sure the next one is on fire" Sierra, was musical and she didn't miss a beat, slammed her shot. Ted now standing up on the bar, as if stumping on his last campaign stop, alcohol dripping from his back pocket "Listen everybody, that thing, is not my van, I do not have any more money than a hundred dollars, and I responded to the same ad you all did" "I just thought I'd be nice and drive first, since I seemed to be the only local"

    "Last call anyone?"

    Dre upheld her vow of quiet, popped the last of the peach in her mouth, Lucky shook his head grabbed a shot, and declared "I aint payin' for this". Sierra was apparently serious about the flaming shot. When the bartender lit it, she decided not to slide this one. Ted looked surprised and Sierra with shot in hand suggested, "try this one orally, water boy, you might want to blow it out first" "Unless you prefer everything to be overheated"...

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