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Modern higher educational institutions

I believe that the current higher educational institutes such as universities and colleges should change their approach. I have noticed as a student, that he only thing that is being done by school is to filter students based on knowledge. That being said, students are paying huge amounts of cash for service that is not being used, I.e. Professors. Universities often hire unskilled professors that are being imported from overseas because basically they are cheaper. It's the student responsibility to study and understand the material of the given subject. After all, all what the professor does is mark your exam sheet. From that point of view I came with the idea that students should pay for what they are getting, which is an invigilator, and an exam evaluator. More over the institute may add extra knowledge test techniques such as laboratories exams and different tests. And after all we are self studying the material.

Thanks for your time to view and review this idea
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Ali Naji

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    Feb 25 2013: How many institutes of higher learning have you attended thus far? Do you think there may be variety among them or rather that they all follow the template that corresponds to your experience?

    I ask this because I have first hand experience with quite a few and have not found your observations to match with any with which I have intimate familiarity. I don't doubt your experience- only the universality of it.

    Often those who believe they know how universities typically operate are intimately acquainted with either one or none.

    In terms of your question, the institutes offering massive online courses are heading in this direction. That is, the student has no personal access to the professor and typically minimal if any access to teaching staff, but options will likely be available in the future to have mastery of content tested at a testing center at the end of the course. Eventual credit would have to depend on showing a command of the material in the course.