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Are reality shows good for society?

Reality shows like Big Boss, Roadies are nowadays became the demand of Indian youth. But this kinda reality shows giving wrong message to our society by the abusive language used in the show.....this entertainment is becoming a curse to the society.....plz share urban views....


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    Mar 2 2013: I may be good in the sense of freedom of speech, anyone should be allowed to express how they want. However if it is to be considered towards teaching morals and creating educated human beings, I doubt that is beneficial.
    At the end of the day it should be taken as entertainment, not to influence, just because in a movie or show there are people behaving out of the norm of society it does not mean that we have to act like it. Once again it is important to teach that those shows are for entertainment.
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      Mar 3 2013: i agree that it should be taken an entertainment, but people are hugely influenced by entertainment. that's why it's such a successful business.

      look at Hollywood movies or sports. why would people want to be a prince/princess or an NBA star? because they think that those movie characters or sports stars have an ideal life - which is obviously not true (not even for movie characters)
    • Mar 8 2013: Kelly, I definitely agree with you. Reality shows, however real or fake they actually are, should merely be forms of entertainment. However, I do agree with Questions First, too. I agree that people are influenced by entertainment. It is human nature to put ourselves in the situations we see portrayed in movies and on TV. That's why we are so attracted to these things. However, I would like to think that people do not do the same thing when it comes to reality shows. I know I have never been influenced by "Dance Moms" or "Storage Wars." I only watch these shows because I find them amusing. When I turn the TV off, I turn off anything I may have felt while watching the show. I don't think I should go out and buy a storage unit to make money. I'd like to think people are smart enough to do the same.

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