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Are reality shows good for society?

Reality shows like Big Boss, Roadies are nowadays became the demand of Indian youth. But this kinda reality shows giving wrong message to our society by the abusive language used in the show.....this entertainment is becoming a curse to the society.....plz share urban views....


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    Mar 7 2013: I think all reality shows are not meant to be bad for the society. some are meant to get the barriers of the society out of the pillars of problems that they are facing through and some are meant to provide entertainment.as you stated big boss,roadies etc they are meant for entertainment and participants participate to see their future on the path of positivity.
    but at the same time if you look at satyameva jayate it was completely meant for the problems the society is facing through and the solutions that need to be found to get rid of the problems.
    So i dont think we can get biased to only one side of it rather need to think on both the sides of the coin.

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