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Are reality shows good for society?

Reality shows like Big Boss, Roadies are nowadays became the demand of Indian youth. But this kinda reality shows giving wrong message to our society by the abusive language used in the show.....this entertainment is becoming a curse to the society.....plz share urban views....


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  • Mar 1 2013: i think you're right in that reality shows as they are produced today send the wrong message by glorifying the mediocre, but to be honest these shows are manufactured to create certain results and thus aren't really reality at all. an actual reality show could be produced, but i doubt many people would find it very entertaining.

    as for words, it's important to realise that words aren't offensive, people are. you can make a very friendly sentence using the word 'fuck', and you can make an extremely offensive one without it. we'd all be better off if we got over being offended about words, and instead started considering thoughts and ideas as a whole. the words a person uses doesn't change the validity of their ideas.
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      Mar 1 2013: Like, that makes like good sense. To me, its the word 'like' that's become predominantly corrupting. The words, however, interfere with 'consideration of thoughts and ideas'.
    • Mar 1 2013: I would only say....'Words have their own life.......think before you speak...'
      • Mar 1 2013: words mean nothing except that which is ascribed to them, both by the speaker and the listener, and these meanings are not always the same. that have no life at all until interpreted by a human mind.

        i would say think before you react. offense is the prerogative of the listener, not just the speaker, and if no offense is intended, none should be taken. we can't be expected to know in advance exactly what words will offend a particular person, and if we as listeners choose to value those thoughts and ideas which are expressed only in a certain way we will have a very narrow experience indeed, which does both ourselves as individuals and society as a whole great disservice.

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