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Are reality shows good for society?

Reality shows like Big Boss, Roadies are nowadays became the demand of Indian youth. But this kinda reality shows giving wrong message to our society by the abusive language used in the show.....this entertainment is becoming a curse to the society.....plz share urban views....


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  • Feb 26 2013: In reality shows the TV gurus have found the perfect combination of shows people will watch, with low cost production. Game of thrones is a far superior program you might agree... But the fx cost millions. That's why there's 38,000 reality shows for every fantasy epic(minor exaggeration)

    They will never let go of these money makers. It's the same reason TV line ups feature so many 'murder mystery/cop' shows. People lap up what amounts to the same episode rehashed over & over & it costs relatively little to make.

    There is in every country I'm aware of, government bodies that control what we see... I.e. censorship. Why they don't control IQ lowering crap, like most reality TV shows, instead of being focused on private parts & 'evil' words is beyond me.

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