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Should rich countries be more responsible for the result of migration induced by the over consumption of natural resources?

The increasing of number of world population is unavoidable, thus the demand for consumption of the natural resources remain the pressure on the environment. In turn, human induced disasters, pollution ..seem to be observed as the factors causing migration. The question who consumes more than another? Apparently, the consumption of natural resources is mostly seen in the rich countries rather the poor. Poor are natural resources dependents and their consumptions are still in the traditional manner while the rich requires these resources to be the raw materials for industry sectors and investments.
The world seems to create a big gap between rich and poor countries. In the end, poor people tend to find migration is good way to either adapt or secure their livelihood and lives. By mentioning this, the rich countries should be more responsible for the result of migration induced by the over consumption of natural resources.

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    Feb 25 2013: Take labor. People that have few opportunities are willing to work hard all day for relatively little money. A corporation is willing to create entire factories in developing countries because the labor cost are low. There are fewer safety standards, no unions, fewer benefits. All of this things increase the profits of the corporation by lowering the costs to make their products.
    This really is not about rich countries and poor countries, it is about powerful corporations and people.

    See this talk.
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      Feb 25 2013: That is exactly true that one of main reasons why the investment keeps flowing from the rich country into the poorer one because of the cheap cost of labor. Weak laws and policies are the additional reasons.
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    Feb 24 2013: There are some interesting perceptives here to respond to.
    1) resources are not just consumed, they are also bought and paid for
    2) "poor" countries undervalue their resources
    3) consumption does benefits poor countries to an extent
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      Feb 25 2013: It would be great if you could elaborate your second perspective say "poor" countries undervalue their resources.
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    Feb 24 2013: Wealth and prosperity is more attractive than poverty and misery. Its a no-brainer. Hence rich nations should expect the influx of people from poor nations with dreams and hopes of a better life.
    In a way, rich nations are responsible for the result of such migration. Immigrants share the available infrastructure and take advantage of the government policies of the home nations.
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      Feb 25 2013: In most cases, it is said the poor countries are more vulnerable, for example, in the case of Climate Change and migration can be a consequence of it. However, it is complicated when talking about who cause the problem and what are supposed to be their responsibility to help minimize the problem.
      It needs to go more on ethical value of being humanity.