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If you have a physical solution to the global economic & human development situation. Who would the best global leader to go to for help?

At the base of our economy is a sector. A primary sector that is absorbing 4 times as much of the global economic value added process as it should if it were to be corrected. Reforming this particular primary creates a flow on benefit that flows throughout the rest of the economic pyramid. Creating added value at every step. Because this is a "Global Primary Sector" the primary sector in question has been secure in the fact that there is currently no Government, NGO or international governing body with the influence or ability to fix it. So if the physical solution is true, who or what will take the lead on reforming a global primary sector? A genuine question to TED enthusiasts, especially if all the reform information is ready to be implemented with in weeks. The Oblivious Mining Industry Cartel. http://www.scribd.com/doc/109637671/Interference-Anomalies-in-Global-Mining Video: http://youtu.be/7lxbM20AKM4


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    Feb 24 2013: Diogenes was sure a character indeed. Although his methods may have been different with a laptop and connectivity.

    My position is unique.

    The changes I have proscribed are already taking affect with in the mining industry. So I may be in danger from an unseen force. But I do not think that this will happen.

    Because the Mining sector is actually completely unaware that this manipulation force has been at play.

    Now here is the interesting part.

    The 3 companies that have allowed this manipulation to take place are completely unaware themselves that this is what they have done. It is actually a surprise to them as much as it is to you or I. Now that is a unique global position!! Even if they wanted to stop it they have no idea how. And to prove it the company CEO and President of one of the 3 companies that have set this scene is now connected with me on LinkedIn. If you want a game changer. This is it Robert. You are not going to get any better, anywhere.

    It is already too late for any vested interest to stop. And to be honest I could not think of one game enough to try.

    And why would they want to stop it? It actually increase the wealth and wellbeing for everyone on the planet.

    I don't think you would find a force powerful enough to stop this global goodwill.

    Again, this is happening now. But to get the very best out if it I need a Leader with a global backbone and a big chin.

    Keep thinking keep thinking. There has to be someone....

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