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Should public schools be allowed to teach creation myths in science class?

Should christian political parties be allowed to circumvent the scientific method by using politics to put mythology in science textbooks?


Closing Statement from Christopher Halliwell

This conversation contains strongly differing opinions about public education. However, those who commented in favor of introducing creation myths into science textbooks were always religiously motivated. This is no surprise. Instead of appealing to the validity or truth of their respective creation stories, theses people appealed to "teaching the controversy". My response:

There is no controversy concerning evolution in the scientific community. "Teaching the controversy" of creation stories vs evolution is equivalent to teaching astrology next to astronomy, or alchemy next to chemistry, or magic next to electromagnetism. Without any verifiable claims to test, creation stories are not scientific. Ergo they do not belong in a science textbook.

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  • Feb 24 2013: I agree that religion should not be included in science classes. Although humankind over thousands of years attempted to understand the unknown and developed myths in massive attempts at searching for answers, it would not be correct to classify all of man's beliefs as untrue by classifying every non-science belief as myth. People somehow know there is more than what is observed by sight or other senses or by scientific observation with varying exploration.

    It is not right for people to demand others accept their beliefs. Religious affiliation is OK for individuals, but to demand others give up their will and become subservient to a doctrine is not a concept Jesus taught his followers, a group identity later to become known as Christian. Neither should scientists demand of believers of any doctrine or theology to give up their experiences.

    Let science attempt to explain the beginnings of material reality! Science has this invitation to do so. Let people search for truth through philosophic exploration of the scientific unknown details of possible realities. There is no need for man to fight over these things. Let man have his beliefs.

    What matters most is our relationships with one another! We can be civil and loving and that is the pathway to peace---real peace. There are other details on this pathway. Putting others down is not a scientific requirement nor is it a core belief of Christians or others.

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