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Advertising a healthy diet the same way that junk food companies advertise to the public in subversive ways.

We should change the extent of what foods should be allowed to use different psychological mechanisms to subversively in order to increase appetite for said foods. Every day, every year children and adults alike are bombarded with how certain food and drinks can make us feel better and become more popular. Unfortuately, the majority of this advertising is subversive in its ploys and albiet not very good for us. We should tip the scale in the healthy direction by large scale, expensive, advertising schemes to trick children and adults to eat healthier food and drinks. It seems only fair to at least have both healthy and non-healthy along side each other in the social and public media. We cannot stop junk food companies from selling (and pushing) their products but we can make a change to fill our suggestive subconscious with a multitude of products of different quality.


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    Feb 25 2013: .
    Why not just tell people:
    "Eat living-cells only"?
    (including just killed cells)
    (See the 1st article, point 12 (1), at https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D&id=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D%21283&sc=documents)
    • Feb 25 2013: That is a wonderful idea, unfortunately animal fats have caused large epidemics of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I suppose if you interpreted "eat living-cells only" as pertaining to raw or as close to raw as possible this could be attributed to a more balanced plant rich diet.
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        Feb 25 2013: .Yes.
        "Plant rich diet"!
        So, our teeth, colon .... whole body are for plant food overwhelmingly.

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