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What are the best youth-inspiring TED talks?

I am a teacher and am organizing a TEDx Youth talk aimed at students in grades 5-9. While I've seen a LOT of TED talks, I'm sure I've missed a lot of really attention-holding, student-inspiring ones as well. What are some of the great talks that the high school students helping me organize the conference should consider for showing to the younger kids who attend our conference?

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    Feb 24 2013: Adora Svitak - A great talk... plus since this TED Talk, Adora has been a fantastic trajectory of talks, books, etc... and the upcoming Ted U at TED 2013 talk by Jim Ziolkowski of buildOn is guaranteed to be spectacular. And, I know you know, but just have to keep Sir Ken Robinson on the top... Best, Terry Torok
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    Feb 24 2013: Maybe the Drew Dudley about how little things one does can matter in a big way.

    The one about the school in the Bronx in which the kids learned to grow plants and then began to install gardens for others is pretty inspiring.

    Bill Gates said he wished he had heard the David Christian on Big History when he was a ninth grader. My 9th grader agrees with that. But there is no reason it wouldn't work for younger kids also.

    Those are the first that come to my mind for young kids, but I haven't seen very many presented by kids. There must be some in that set.
  • Feb 26 2013: The first talk that came to my mind was one by Clifford Stoll. But although fun to watch it is very much aimed at adults, parents, teachers. The same goes for many of the inspiring talks mentioned above.
    So I would like to recommend: Evelyn Glennie - How to truly listen
  • Feb 25 2013: I am a high school student, and I recently gave a TEDxTalk. You could check it out here:
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    Feb 24 2013: Maybe this one, this guy is great
  • Feb 25 2013: i have to agree wholeheartedly with neil degrasse-tyson on his analysis that the thing that is the most inspiring is NASA, because inspiring means to go forward, to make things better, and do what hasn't been done before.

    forget all the touchy-feely talks that make us want to be satisfied with the way things are, promote those that look towards a better future.

    start with controlling a computer by your thoughts alone, a robot controlled by a monkey, and ct scan analysis software that tells you exactly what's wrong and where. (links not included by design!)