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If humans are supposed to be the cleverest animals in the world, why are they the only ones that have to go to work ?

It is generally assumed that humans are the most intelligent life form on the earth. But given that the invention of money has lead to an enormously complex society, which requires most of us to go out to work every day, are we really as clever as we think we are ?


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  • Feb 26 2013: I think that humans can just get greedy, so that is why we have to go to work. The ants and bees can all work together because they all have the same goal--to improve the group as a whole. Humans think, "Oh, hey! I worked really hard and I should get rewarded for that!" We are only concerned with earning enough for ourselves and our families. If someone gets a paycheck, do they go around and divvy it up to everyone in the office so that everyone gets an equal salary? That is why we cannot live how other animals live.

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