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If humans are supposed to be the cleverest animals in the world, why are they the only ones that have to go to work ?

It is generally assumed that humans are the most intelligent life form on the earth. But given that the invention of money has lead to an enormously complex society, which requires most of us to go out to work every day, are we really as clever as we think we are ?


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    Feb 24 2013: Every time that clever human being thinks of a solution he at the same time creates a problem that has to be found a new solution for.

    To secure our food at any time and rest our fear of starvation we domesticated plants and animals which deprived us of many good things in nature. Born as hunter gatherers over millions of years we weren’t equipped to be farmers. And as we eroded the land nature couldn’t sustain that ever increasing population which brought to us famine and plagues of all kinds. Then we found cures and invented all things we needed now as we never did before. Now with all those property we needed laws to protect these and so creating rich and poor, dependant and independent. The solution was the exchange of labour for money after slavery was deemed unworthy. Here we are now striving for universal freedom whereas the natural world on earth is almost cleared. So we look for new solutions beyond our planet.
    Maybe we're smart but not wise because to be wise you have to give back to nature whatever you've taken.
    • Feb 24 2013: Now humans want to go out and explore new worlds & even conquer them (for that is in our nature). Me thinks "others" out there will have something to say about that and rightly so.
      I agree with Frans K. Smart we maybe but not wise. Not wise at all.

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