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What is the something you learned as an adult you wished you learned as a child?

I just want to know what rule or rules of life you learned as you got older that you think would have helped you as a child or helped you better succeed in life.

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    Feb 23 2013: Don't try to make everyone happy
    • Feb 24 2013: Boy! Can I relate to this one.
  • Feb 24 2013: I wish as a child i had learned to accept that I did not need to be academically brilliant to get on in life. also the rules of life I have learnt as an adult is to understand that everything happens for a reason. & to have trusted my gut instinct as it has always been right.
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    • Feb 24 2013: definitely right on that one its a valuable life lesson
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    Feb 24 2013: That science can be joyful and fun and that that mindset is highly contagious.
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    Feb 25 2013: that a lot of "knowledge" is opinion and should not be swallowed out of hand. now that we live in the Age of Propaganda, this sentiment becomes even more relevant than ever.
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    Gail .

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    Feb 24 2013: Just because they say they know more than or better than me, doesn't mean that they do. It's probably just a power-play used to intimidate me into submission to them. THINK FOR MYSELF. Base my reasoning on evidence. Then I can make wiser decisions.
  • Feb 24 2013: I wish I knew as a child about how to effectively learn a subject and that school grades don't really indicate what one is capable of later in life both academically and career-wise.

    When attending school I never had good grades as I was busy with hobbies (computers, reading etc) and I was never explained or guided with how to effectively learn. At university I steered away from computer subjects afraid I would fail. In reality I would have better marks than studying other subjects like electrical engineering. =)
  • Mar 4 2013: That delayed gratification is over-rated.
  • Mar 3 2013: Happiness is a choice.
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    Feb 26 2013: That grown ups are really stupid.
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    Feb 26 2013: Why would I want to change the past?
    I could think of myself as the experience of an action, that's possibly an intentional choice whether it's learnt or instinctive, happening during a specific context of life the existence of which is built of the actions, and choices, of all the living and material objects in the universe. This experience, the experiences that led to it and the experiences that resulted from it are all fated, nonrandom and determined to happen. The creation of all the objects within the contexts, including all the contexts themselves as objects is all by Allah's will. This experience and the current context and the consequent context may change according to the actions and choices we make, but we may have this kind of ability (of being able to choose) only until a certain context occurs when we part from the container we had and we are no longer an active part of this context.

    According to the previous description of the "moment", I think there is no point in trying to make a "redo", "apply changes" or "undo". It would be just like trying to deal with a new different context, which is what we are all already busy and fully committed to doing while adapting with the flow of events of the context of what we call "now".

    Of course this is all just my poor opinion according to my inferior thinking, my very limited field of view and my very limited knowledge. Also, my intention of trying to say something "good" may have affected my judgment and my choice of words. This means I may be mistaken at any or all that I said or may say. (Still, I'm fully committed to my beliefs, especially my religious beliefs.) Others could have a different description according to the context they are a part of.
    (or perhaps I simply couldn't think of a good answer to your question at this moment even though I tried.)
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    Feb 25 2013: "I am what I want to be and not what other people think of me."
  • Feb 25 2013: How to learn, and that not everyone is right or good or tells the whole truth.
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    Feb 25 2013: .
    It is invalid (ineffective) happiness.

    (See the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
  • Feb 24 2013: It takes courage and will to overcome the gravitational pull of inertia and fear of rejection which inhibits our psychological and spiritual growth.
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    Feb 24 2013: How important it is to learn multiple languages ! Once you learn two at a young age, it only gets easier and is so important. I am glad my kids will have benefitted from my learning, but now I am jealous of them !
  • Feb 24 2013: That when someones says: " It can't be done". Just go out and do it!
    I don't have to defend the truth, for it defends its self.