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How do you imagine self driving cars will change the future?

Lets say this design will be (and will be seen as) a total success.
Lets assume safety will skyrocket.

I'm especially interested in the options freedom from crashes would allow for car design.

Couldn't cars communicate?

How about people? could driving become more socially connective if people were free from staring at the road?

I want to hear about social networking opportunities! :D

Add in anything you find interesting! :D Thanks!


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  • Apr 6 2011: As I see it the self driving car solves one problem at the cost of making another problem worse, or at the very least upholding that problem in its current state.

    The personal vehicle has served to separate us from our fellow humans. Vehicles and computers can bring us together physically and virtually, but often from lonely and separated lives. It is a patch, not a remedy.

    I think that public transport should be a focus, rather than the outdated model of everyone gets a vehicle to him or herself. That way of thinking leads to congestion and separation. Both of which I see as things to be avoided.

    I'd much rather wake up every morning among my friends and family, travel with my friends and family and other people I don't know, than do it all by myself. I see strangers not as the potential threats that they actually can be, but as opportunities to get to know another living soul, alive at this moment with me, right here right now. Just as we all have the capacity for the greatest evil within us, so too do we have the capacity for the greatest good.

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