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How do you imagine self driving cars will change the future?

Lets say this design will be (and will be seen as) a total success.
Lets assume safety will skyrocket.

I'm especially interested in the options freedom from crashes would allow for car design.

Couldn't cars communicate?

How about people? could driving become more socially connective if people were free from staring at the road?

I want to hear about social networking opportunities! :D

Add in anything you find interesting! :D Thanks!


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  • Apr 6 2011: I've been looking at this issue as a non-specialist in the field for some 25 years and have finally put my ideas on the future of transport in three blogs, which you can find at:


    This forum would seem to be the ideal one for this kind of discussion. The debate might also give some ideas as to how the industrialised nations, given their inability to compete with the low-wage economies, could start to kick start their home-grown manufacturing, transport and automotive sectors, at the same time generating vast employment opportunities for the young.

    Roll on the future. The 'driving experience' promoted by the car manufacturers is for most just one long (and getting longer) source of frustration.

    Cheers to all

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