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How do you imagine self driving cars will change the future?

Lets say this design will be (and will be seen as) a total success.
Lets assume safety will skyrocket.

I'm especially interested in the options freedom from crashes would allow for car design.

Couldn't cars communicate?

How about people? could driving become more socially connective if people were free from staring at the road?

I want to hear about social networking opportunities! :D

Add in anything you find interesting! :D Thanks!


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    Mar 31 2011: No need to take driving licenses, means driving for anyone ... and maybe more cars
    • Apr 10 2011: here is one more video with car done in freie university berlin (Autonomous lab). You don't need steerings as you can drive with your mind. Really you would not need license, if such car would be reality some day. In video you can also see a gadget and software that was shown in TED. I forgot its name but anyway.

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