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What types of social interactions are specific to the internet and what are the implications

Do we hide behind the invisibility of the internet or are we searching for group interaction? Do we join communities only to support our current belief or are we searching for more answers.

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    Feb 23 2013: Some people seek communities of like-minded or like-interested people, for mutual learning, entertainment, or support.

    Some people want to spread their specific ideas but to do so anonymously. Others want to spread their ideas under their own names.

    Some people are people-watchers and want to have a chance to engage with people whose experiences and location would otherwise put them out of reach.

    Some people play games, either things meant to be games (like massive online games) or things not meant to be games, like playing an assumed role in discussions.

    Some people seek advice or information that they have no better place to ask or cannot ask anonymously.